Romina Schischke

I’m a german girl, a romantic at heart, a lover of family, and a cherisher of the extraordinary moments that add up to create a life. My camera has always connected me with people all over the world and gave me the opportunity to tell their stories.

When I decided that photography was not only my passion but also my profession, I made my dream come true. From my understanding of art and my passion for photography, I created my own brand and started photographing weddings and families in their most beautiful moments. 
Capturing their stories in pictures fills me with joy and pride. Our stories are our lives. They are fleeting but precious. They are worth to be documented!

behind the Camera

Hello there! I'M Romina

Photos don't belong on your phone.
They belong on your walls, in your wallet,
and taped to your mirror forever.

A few things I believe

Obsessed with stone washed linen and minimal design, my ideal evening is a relaxed alfresco dinner with friends and local produced homemade dishes. 

I absolutely adore enjoying time with friends outdoors. Whether it be a picnic at the beach, a glass of wine on a terrace or a dinner party al fresco – there is something about outdoor entertaining which speaks to my Mediterranean side and just makes my heart happy. 


Whether it’s sunrise, sunset or high noon, there is nothing like a leisurely stroll along a scenic waterfront walk of a city.

"A small skiff drifted in the harbor guided by the eazy oars of a fisherman standing in the hull to better view the shimmering reflection of the orange circle hovering overhead- dancing with the gentle waves while the sun sets."


By now it’s certainly no secret to anyone that I have a lifelong love affair with flea markets and antiques stores. I always keep an eye out for vintage fabrics, interesting art and beautiful furniture. 

In fact, each trip to a flea market is a bit of a sentimental journey for me. Objects from the past have a story, and have often had many lives. I love imagining how an item was used, and I love the idea of giving that same object a new incarnation.


The sun sets in Italy and dozens of ancient olive trees cast long shadows on the ground. 

I’ve always been a tree hugger. But I do have my favorites, like the beautiful Mediterranean olive tree. There is something special about wrapping your arms around an old, weathered olive tree trunk and inhaling the surrounding aromas that provides deep rejuvenation. 


My favorites